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Hot off the press

We’re always on the lookout for research activities to highlight on the website, pass on to our funders, share with our colleagues, or post on social media. 

We’ve set up a ‘Research Activity News’ form for you to fill in whenever you have something to share. 

Stay in touch

We are home to over 200 staff working across our research themes, facilities, services and partner university sites. Given that we’re not all based in the same place, it’s often a challenge to let your colleagues, let alone people outside of the organisation, know about your latest endeavour. 

There are numerous ways you can already do this, via the annual staff meeting, the Atmospheric Science Conference, Slack, and the online seminar series. 

Now, the online ‘Research Activity News’ form is one more way you can keep everyone up to date with your research.

No matter how big or small, or whether it’s quite early days, we want to help you increase awareness of activities taking place within your field of expertise. 

Once submitted, your news will be sent to the Communications Team to review, and you’ll receive a copy of your entry too. We’ll then work with you to find a suitable place, whether online, in-person, or in print, to showcase your work. 

We recommend you bookmark the form in your preferred internet browser (using the toolbar at the top of your browser). That way it’ll always be at hand!