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North Atlantic Climate System Integrated Study

The North Atlantic climate system is made up of the ocean, the atmosphere above it, and interactions with Arctic Sea Ice and the Greenland Ice Sheet. The North Atlantic Climate System Integrated Study (ACSIS) takes an all-in-one view of this system.

Major changes are occurring across the North Atlantic climate system: in the ocean and atmosphere temperatures and circulation, in sea ice thickness and extent, and in key atmospheric constituents such as ozone, methane and aerosols.

Many of the changes that scientists are observing here are unprecedented in the instrumental records.

ACSIS will improve our capability to detect, explain and predict changes in the North Atlantic climate system.

We’re particularly interested in the North Atlantic because changes here directly affect the UK’s climate, weather and air quality, with major economic impacts on agriculture, fisheries, water, energy, transport and health. The North Atlantic also has global importance, since changes here drive changes in climate, hazardous weather and air quality further afield, such as in North America, Africa and Asia.