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Commercial partnerships

The National Centre for Atmospheric Science offers a unique opportunity for commercial partners to access world-leading atmospheric science.

We carry out research into three key areas: air pollution, climate and high-impact weather, and long-term global change.

We are committed to applying our expertise to find solutions to environmental challenges.

Industry experience

Our experience spans across several key sectors, including oil and gas, and weather forecasting.

Our ability to track storms and estimate extreme wave heights helps the oil and gas industry to design and manage risks to manned offshore oil and gas platforms. By reducing the uncertainty of extreme storms, winds and waves our research supports mitigation measures that keep personnel safe, ensure installations are weather-resilient, and guarantee ongoing oil and gas extraction.

The BBC works with us to regularly monitor the accuracy of MeteoGroup weather forecasts. We evaluate the accuracy of national forecasts by using weather data collected from observing stations around the UK, helping the BBC to ensure the best quality weather forecasts for the UK public.