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Collaboration bursaries

The National Centre for Atmospheric Science promotes collaboration across the scientific community. Our Visiting Scientist Programme can support you to work with us. 

We provide up to £2,500 to support:

  • International scientists visiting and working with us
  • Our students and staff visiting and working with international partners

We believe that working with visiting scientists will advance atmospheric research and promote collective responses to big environmental challenges, including climate change, weather and air pollution.  

Our Visiting Scientists Programme aims to share knowledge, explore new research areas, raise our  international profile, and build long-term relationships. 

We look for collaboration in our three science themes, or in atmospheric observation and modelling. Our three science themes are air pollution, climate and high-impact weather, and long-term global change.

Make an application

To apply:

  1. Complete the online proposal form
  2. E-mail vsp@ncas.ac.uk with the following information
    • A short curriculum vitae indicating educational and professional experience, and publications
    • A letter of support from your science theme director confirming an appropriate fit with the science theme strategy or research programme
    • Supporting evidence in the form of a letter from both the home and prospective host institution indicating that they fully understand the nature of the scheme; realise where appropriate that no funds are available as a contribution to research costs, apparatus, or bench fees; and that they welcome the proposed visit.

Applicants must agree to the Visiting Scientist Programme terms and conditions, which states successful applicants must:

  • Provide a one page report to their line manager describing the visit and its accomplishments. This must be completed within 30 days of the visit.
  • Provide information that can be shared in promotion materials for the Visiting Scientist Programme
  • Acknowledge the National Centre for Atmospheric Science in any publications or presentations that arise from the visit.

Application timeline

Applications are reviewed every six months

The closing dates for applications are the 31st March and the 31st August each year.

Visiting scientist requests will be considered by the National Centre for Atmospheric Science Senior Management Group. Please allow up to four weeks for a decision about your application.

Application guidance

Funding priority is given to PhD students and early career scientists to travel internationally to and from the National Centre for Atmospheric Science.

  • National Centre for Atmospheric Science students or staff need a letter of support from their science theme director confirming an appropriate fit with our strategy or research programme.
  • Funding is not available under this scheme for National Centre for Atmospheric Science students or staff travelling for core purposes of our science themes or research programmes. These should be funded in the normal way.
  • National Centre for Atmospheric Science executive directors, heads of services, and senior scientists (equivalent of UK professors) are not normally funded as traveller or host under this scheme, except in exceptional circumstances.
  • The National Centre for Atmospheric Science member of staff or student should submit the application (rather than the external scientist).